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Hors D’oeuvres:

Pineapple Tree- 42 inch tree made out of pineapple and skewered with fresh fruits. $5.00 per person


Artisan Baked Brie En Crounte- Two large wheels of Brie, wrapped in a puff pastry and served with a cranberry sauce and bruschetta. (Serves 25-40 people) $75.00


Spinach Artichoke Dip* - Served with homemade garlic crostini. (Serves 40-50 people) $75.00


Crudité Cheese and Vegetable Display *- An assortment of cheese and fresh vegetables served with dipping sauce and crackers. $5.00 per person


Cheese Display- An assortment of cheeses with an olive oil drizzle served with fresh toasted garlic bruschetta. $6.00 per person


Antipasto Station- Cheese, olives, spicy peppers, artichoke hearts, marinated roma tomatoes, chick peas, sliced salami and prosciutto served with fresh bruschetta and balsamic dressing. $6.00 per person


Coconut Breaded Shrimp- Served with homemade pina colada sauce. 50pcs: $75.00_100pcs: $135.00


Coconut Breaded Chicken *-Served with homemade Pina Colada sauce. 50pcs: $60.00_100pcs: $110.00


Marinated Grilled Chicken Skewers*- Marinated in our soy ginger glaze. 50pcs- $60.00_ 100pcs- $110.00


Miniature Crab Cakes- Served with homemade Gloucester sauce. 
50pcs- $60.00_100pcs- $110.00


Espresso Steak Skewers- Thinly sliced Angus sirloin steak rubbed with our in house espresso rub and drizzled with gorgonzola cream sauce.
50pcs- $100.00_100pcs- $185.00


Bacon Wrapped Scallops- Served with our famous honey Dijon cream sauce.
50pcs- $275.00_100pcs- $525.00


Crab Stuffed Shrimp- Butterflied shrimp baked with garlic butter, white wine and stuffed with imitation crab. $6.00 per person


Stuffed Mushrooms*- Domestic button mushrooms stuffed with spinach, onions, garlic, bacon, ham, breadcrumbs and topped with aged cheddar. 50pcs-$60.00_100pcs-$110.00


Italian or Swedish Bite Size Meatballs*- 50pcs-$60.00_100pcs-$110.00


Bruschetta*- with plum tomatoes, Kalamata olives and garlic mozzarella. 50pcs- $60.00_100pcs- $110.00


Pizza*- Traditional or Garlic: 3 Large $50.00; Sheet Pizza Sicilian Style: $50.00


Buffalo Style Chicken Wings- Assorted Flavors. 10lbs Fried- $80.00 Chargrilled-$100.00


Banquet Menu: 

Mac & Cheese- Penne pasta in a blend of five cheeses with bacon, roasted red peppers, and spinach, served with a buttered bread topping. $18.00


Chicken Marsala- Boneless chicken breast, sautéed and served with a sauce of mushrooms, Marsala wine and butter. $21.00


Chicken Milan-Thinly pounded cutlet pan sautéed with a sundried tomato and lemon brown butter sauce. $21.00


Tuscany Pork- Bone-in pork dredged with flour, pan sautéed and served with a blend of homemade prosciutto, sundried tomatoes, capers, veal demi and lemon. $26.00


Chicken Riggies- Rigatoni pasta, bell peppers, cherry peppers with our vodka marinara cream sauce and pulled chicken. $18.00


Roasted Prime Rib- Choice grade served with Au Jus. 12oz $24.00; 16oz $27.00


Filet Mignon- Tender 8oz filet of beef, seasoned with our in house rub. $31.00


Bistro Filet Mignon- Grilled 8oz. Filet, served with a sauce of Portobello mushrooms, merlot wine and finished with butter. $33.00


Broiled Shrimp and Scallops- Served with garlic butter. $28.00


Lobster Tail- Luxurious 10 oz. tail, broiled and served with drawn butter.- Market Price


Surf & Turf- An 8 oz. Filet Mignon paired with a 10 oz. Lobster Tail served with drawn butter. – Market Price


All Dinners Include:

Garden Salad with Italian dressing, chefs potato, fresh vegetables, homemade fresh baked bread, butter, coffee and tea.

If multiple entrees are requested, the following stipulations will apply:

·         Normal guarantee procedure is required with indication for each entrée.

·         Some form of entrée identification is required at the table.

·         Minimum of 20 guests.


Buffet Packages:

Included in all buffets: Garden salad, homemade dressings, potato salad, coleslaw, green beans, garlic mashed potatoes and freshly made focaccia bread.


The Italian 1- $21.00 per Person

    Italian Roasted Chicken, Italian Meatballs with Marinara

Italian Sausage with Marinara

Baked Ziti with Marinara and Mozzarella Cheese

The American- $23.00 per Person

 Roast Beef- with Au Jus

Roasted Ham with a cherry glaze OR Italian Roasted Chicken

Baked Ziti

The Italian 2- $25.00 per Person

Braised Black Angus Beef- with mushrooms, onions and merlot wine.

Chicken Riggies

Antipasto Station


The Harvest- $29.00 per person

Prime Rib- Carved and served with Au Jus

 Italian Roasted Chicken

Grandma’s Penne Pasta- served with mushrooms, spinach, and topped with ricotta and mozzarella cheese.

The Executive- Market Price

Grilled Marinated Beef Tenderloin carving station

Lemon Garlic Herb Marinated Chicken

Chicken Riggies

 Seasonal vegetables and in house dressing

Locally made dessert display

Roasted red potato halves stuffed with garlic

Carving Station- Priced Accordingly.

 Choice of two (2) meats

Roasted Beef, Pork Loin, Turkey, Ham, Leg of Lamb or Prime Rib. Served with fresh rolls, horseradish, sour cream and mayonnaise.

Choice of Three (3)** Hors D’oeuvres**C


Bar Packages:

Open Bar 1-
One Hour: $10.00- Each Additional hour: $2.00

·         Select Draft Beer

·         House Wine: Chablis, Blush and Burgundy

·         Juice & Soda

Open Bar 2-
One Hour: $13.00- Each additional hour: $2.00

·         House Brand Liquors: Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Whisky and Scotch.

·         Select Draft Beer

·         House Wine: Chablis, Blush and Burgundy

·         Select Bottled Beer

·         Juice & Soda

Open Bar 3-
One Hour: $16.00- Each additional hour: $3.00

·         Premium & House Brand Liquors

·         Select Draft Beer

·         Select Bottled Beer

·         House Wine: Chablis, Blush and Burgundy

·         Juice & Soda

 Open Bar 4-

One Hour: $19.00- Each additional hour: $3.00

·         Ultra-premium liquors

·         Premium and House brand liquors

·         Select Draft Beers

·         Select Bottled Beers

·         House Wine: Chablis, Blush and Burgundy

·         Juice & Soda

Open Soda & Juice Bar: $4.00 per Person

Tab Bar: A running total

Champagne Toast: $3.00 per Person

Wine Toast: $2.50 per Person 


All Day Meeting Packages:

Traditional Breakfast-

·         Fresh Orange, Grapefruit and Cranberry Juice, Sliced seasonal fruits & berries, assorted yogurts, scrambled eggs, Applewood smoked bacon & sausage links, potatoes O’Brien, French Toast (made with homemade bread), Cinnamon swirl bread (made in house)

-Morning Break-

·         Water, Coffee: Decaf or Regular, Tea, Juices, Cookies or assorted pastries.

       -Choice of one (1) Lunch Buffet-

·         An assorted variety of wraps with turkey, ham, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Paired with your choice of soup: Our famous homemade New England clam chowder, Tomato Basil Bisque, Chicken Noodle or Steak and Vegetable.


Garden Station:

 Salad station with an arrangement of fresh vegetables, dressings and toppings including grilled chicken and salmon bits.


Afternoon Refreshers:

Soda, Water, Iced Tea, Assorted Juices, Fruit display and freshly made brownies. $34.00



Cookie Display-

A display of fresh baked cookies made locally with soda and water. -$3.00 per Person


Cinnamon Swirl-

Freshly baked warm cinnamon raisin bread served with coffee, tea and water. $3.00 per Person


At the Turn-

Two Hoffman hot dogs with water and soda. $3.50 per Person


Locally made Dessert Display-

Arrangement of Key Lime Pie, Cheesecake, Carrot Cake and Triple Chocolate Ganesh cake. $7.00 per Person


English Muffins:

With Egg, Cheese and Sausage or Bacon. Served with coffee or tea. $5.00 per Person


Fruit Display-

Seasonal fresh sliced fruit and berries. $3.00 per Person


In house Gourmet spread-

Fresh spreads, Chips and Bruschetta. $6.00 per Person


 The Pizza Table-

Two slices of our Sicilian style pizza served with water and soda. $4.00 per Person



Mixture of eggs, cream and fresh vegetables. Ten (10) slices

Breakfast Buffets:

Include: Coffee, Orange Juice, Grapefruit Juice, Cranberry Juice and Water.


Steak and Clam Bake:

Main Course- Included: Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Vegetable, Potato, Garden Salad and homemade bread.

Clam Bake- $40.00 per person

2 Dozen Little Necks & 1 Dozen Mussels

Steak Bake- $30.00 per person

12oz. Delmonico fresh off the grill

Clam & Steak Bake- $65.00

12 oz. Delmonico & 2 Dozen little necks



Drunken Graffiti painted suckling pig carving station- Priced Accordingly

Prime Rib carving station- Market Price

Roasted Chicken- $3.00

Snow Crab Clusters- $9.00

Oysters (3 Piece)- $11.00

St. Louis Style Ribs- $3.50

Pulled Pork-$3.00

Oysters and clams can be on a cold bar OR steamed!!



·         Grilled Vegetables- $1.00

·         Cornbread-$1.00

·         Fruit and Cheese Display-$8.00

·         Fresh Vegetables Display-$4.00

·         Pasta Salad-$1.00

·         Boston Bibb Salad-$2.50

·         Garden Salad-$1.50

·         Sweet Corn (seasonal)-$1.00



Hospice Tree Lighting

Thursday, November 29

Customer Appreciation Day

Thursday, December 13, 6-9 pm

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